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A Bad Idea Gone Wrong (2017)

Leo and Marlon are trapped in their lives, working dead-end jobs, trying to find some way to make things exciting. The best idea they’ve come up with is a heist. They break into the “perfect” house, but accidentally arm the alarm system. So now they have to break out of the house they just broke into.When they discover an unexpected housesitter, they suddenly have to deal with a series of new problems: a hostage situation, double crosses, sexual tensions, and discoveries that make their difficult escape even more dubious. The three unlikely allies have to learn about one another, try to figure out who can be trusted, and find some way to work together to break out of this house.

In Theatres:
November 30, 2017
Directed By:
Jason Headley
Written By:
Jason Headley
Matt Jones, Will Rogers, Eleanore Pienta, Sam Eidson, Jonny Mars, John Merriman
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