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Bilal: A New Breed of Hero (2015)

1,400 years ago. Bilal, a seven-year-old boy, finds himself with his sister under the tyranny of slavery. He bears many burdens of life in his childhood from which he discovers inner strength he did not know he possessed before. Bilal knew from the bottom of his heart that he must be brave enough to raise his voice and choose his own path, and that everything is possible with determination. His courage was able to undo his handcuffs and set him free. His strong beautiful voice was a real gift from the Creator, but the voice of faith has made his childhood dream come true.

In Theatres:
February 2, 2018
Animation, Adventure, Family
PG-13 (for violence/warfare and some thematic elements)
Directed By:
Ayman Jamal, Khurram H. Alavi
Written By:
Alex Kronemer, Michael Wolfe, Yassin Kamel
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Ian McShane, China Anne McClain, Jacob Latimore, Michael Gross, Thomas Nicholas, Mark Rolston, Cynthia Kaye, Fred Tatasciore
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