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Dementia 13 (2017)

Some ghosts you can’t rid of, other ghosts want to get rid of you. This modernized remake of Coppola’s debut film, Dementia 13 follows an old-money family still dealing with the death of its youngest daughter several years later. While honoring the daughter’s death, a long con, an axe-wielding serial killer, and a vengeful ghost all coalesce in the same night to target the family. Everyone in the family has a secret, nobody wants to face what they did, and for someone to survive, the truth needs to come out - sooner than later.

In Theatres:
October 6, 2017
Richard LeMay
Dan DeFilippo, Justin Smith
Julia Campanelli, Ana Isabelle, Marianne Noscheze, Channing Pickett, Christian Ryan, Leila Grace, Ben van Berkum, Steve Polites, Donal Brophy
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