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Django (2017)

Reinhardt, elegantly interpreted by Reda Kateb (A Prophet, Zero Dark Thirty), is the toast of 1943 Paris, thrilling audiences with his distinctive brand of “hot jazz” and charming his admirers including his muse played by Cécile de France (Hereafter, Chinese Puzzle). But even as the rise of Nazism forces Reinhardt — whose music is considered degenerate under the Third Reich — to make a daring escape from Paris, he refuses to be silenced as his music becomes a form of protest. Reda Kateb’s performance is simply impressive and will certainly please all fans of Django. A spirited biopic that will keep audiences on their tapping toes.

In Theatres:
January 5, 2018
Biography, Drama, Music, War
Directed By:
Étienne Comar
Written By:
Alexis Salatko, Étienne Comar
Reda Kateb, Cécile De France, Bea Palya, Bimbam Merstein, Gabriel Mireté, Johnny Montreuil, Vincent Frade, Raphaël Dever
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