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Keep Watching (2017)

A family returns home following a vacation and, unknown to them, their entire house has been bugged with hidden cameras. Days later, a group of masked intruders break in and take the family hostage. Thrust into a game of life-and-death, the family must band together to save themselves and get to the bottom of who is watching them and why.

In Theatres:
October 31, 2017
Horror, Thriller
R (for violence, terror, some language and brief drug use)
Directed By:
Sean Carter
Written By:
Joseph Dembner
Bella Thorne, Natalie Martinez, Chandler Riggs, Leigh Whannell, Ioan Gruffudd, Leigh Whannell, Matthew Willig, Christopher James Baker, Jared Abrahamson
© Voltage Pictures
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