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Pottersville (2017)

It’s a long cold winter in Pottersville, and struggling store owner Maynard (Shannon) is hit by hard times. During a late-night drunken wander through town, Maynard is mistaken for the legendary Bigfoot, setting off an international media spectacle and attracting a lot of much needed business for the town. When TV’s ‘Monster Hunter’, Brock Masterson, (Lennon) turns up and joins the Sheriff (Perlman) in his hunt for the beast, Maynard must maintain the illusion to protect the rebirth of his beloved town.

In Theatres:
November 10, 2017
PG-13 (for suggestive material, some drug references and thematic elements)
Directed By:
Seth Henrikson
Written By:
Daniel Meyer
Michael Shannon, Judy Greer, Thomas Lennon, Ron Perlman, Christina Hendricks, Ian McShane, Timothy Davis-Reed, Elena Hurst, Blake Perlman, Michael Torpey
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