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The Insult (2017)

In today's Beirut, an insult blown out of proportion finds Toni (Adel Karam), a Lebanese Christian, and Yasser (Kamel El Basha), a Palestinian refugee in court. From secret wounds to traumatic revelations, the media circus surrounding the case puts Lebanon through a social explosion, forcing Toni and Yasser to reconsider their lives and prejudices.

In Theatres:
January 26, 2018
R (for language and some violent images)
Directed By:
Ziad Doueiri
Written By:
Ziad Doueiri, Joëlle Touma
Adel Karam, Kamel El Basha, Camille Salameh, Diamand Bou Abboud, Rita Hayek, Talal Jurdi, Christine Choueiri
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