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Deep underground lie stores of once-inaccessible natural gas. There’s a technology, called hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” that can extract this natural gas, potentially powering us for decades to come. So how does fracking work and why is it a source of such heated controversy? Mia Nacamulli explains the ins and outs of fracking.
Death and getting stabbed in the face are risks this male tarantula must brave to mate. Courtship between two giant baboon tarantulas comes with t ...
July 14, 2017
TEN FOLD develops ready-to-use, relocatable buildings and structures. They self-deploy and provide any combination of space and facilities. The pr ...
July 14, 2017
Deep inside the Greco-Roman city of Hierapolis, Turkey, lies the country’s most relaxing site. From a distance, Pamukkale’s cascading white pools ...
July 14, 2017